Are you worthy?

When we are children, we have hopes and dreams for our futures. We take time to daydream and pretend and be creative. We look at the beauty in everything we experience and speak our minds, tell people what we think…good or bad. We argue with each other about silly things but we forgive and forget and move on.

Then somewhere in the “growing up” phase, those dreams dissipate. The creativity dwindles. The daydreaming ceases. We lose that sense of wonder and amazement of the world around us. We grow a “filter” where we learn to censor what we think about others. We learn to become responsible adults who hold down jobs that are needed for benefits and to pay the mortgage and the bills. We hold grudges, become suspicious of one another,  and learn to hate.

The majority of us work for someone else in a job that we don’t really enjoy. We slave away for a salary that is never what we’re really worth. We rarely speak our minds. We don’t get involved in conflict or stand up for what we know or believe is right or wrong. We don’t advocate. We don’t question the status quo. We’re unhappy. We simply settle.

If we could all tap back into our child brains and tell ourselves that we are worth more than we are right now, our world would be a different place. We would see the beauty in things around us and want to take care of the world we live in. We would value one another for their opinions. We would speak our minds and get involved in our passions.  Sure, we would disagree. There would be conflict. But we would make up with one another and be friends again the next day. We would work hard, but play harder. We would go after our dreams, achieve them, and then dream some more.

The world would indeed be a much different place, wouldn’t it?

So why not you? Why not now? Why not tap into your inner child and learn to live a little? Go after your dreams. Be kind to one another. Speak honestly. Stand up for what you believe in. Go after your dream job. Strive to be the best that you can be. The only thing that is holding you back is you. You’re worth it. We all are.

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