Email Promotion: Wine Tastings

Dear Wine Friend,

Have the holidays left your wine supply depleted?

Are you exhausted after all the hustle and bustle of the season and just don’t feel like going anywhere to replenish your wine stash?

Well, you’re in luck! Remember what a great time you had at the wine sampling you hosted? …Getting good friends and family together, enjoying some fine wines, and enjoying the fellowship of one another’s company… Why not start 2017 off by rekindling that experience and helping local charities at the same time?

Now wineries or wine shops might expect you to spend $50 to $60 per person to have a wine rep come into your home, and provide a sampling to you and your guests. You typically get to sample 4-5 wines that you can purchase just about anywhere, and the rep comes in, pours your samples, packs up the remaining wine, and leaves!

What kind of value and experience is that?

Wines for Humanity provides exclusive wines sourced from all over the world for your sampling event. A highly-trained wine advisor brings the glasses for your sampling, SEVEN fine wines customized to your tasting preference, tasting menus, pens to take notes, and dark chocolates to pair with red wines. Wine advisors provide 90 minutes of “edutainment,” educating you and your guests about how to sample wines, food pairings, stories and trivia. This is all provided not for $50 or $60 per person, but for a fantastic value of $59 plus tax! You also get to keep the remaining wine and invite up to 18 people! You can’t beat that!

To make this deal even better, Wines for Humanity donates a portion of the proceeds from any wine selections to local charities to help prevent homelessness in our area. Did you know that in Guilford County, nearly 16% of families are living in poverty and Forsyth County is close behind with 13.5%? What does this mean? It means that there are a lot of families out there who are one crisis away from losing their homes. Imagine your car breaking down. Your rent is due the next day, and you only have enough money to pay one or the other. If you pay for your car to be fixed, you face possible eviction. If you pay your rent, you might lose your job due to lack of transportation.

What choice would YOU make?

Wines for Humanity partners with local charities to help in their efforts in preventing homelessness in our local communities. Funds raised by Wines for Humanity wine samplings are earmarked for any crisis that could come up in a family’s life that could potentially put them out of their home. Our vision is that one day, no family in America will be homeless for reasons beyond their control. We take wine preferences at every sampling and those preferences are filled by our local distributor and shipped out in 2-3 weeks. A portion of the proceeds is then donated to local charities.

So let’s recap!

You get 7 fine wines sourced worldwide, 90 minutes of “edutainment” from a skilled wine advisor in the comfort of your own home, and the opportunity to raise funds for a great cause in our community all for $59 plus tax! Does it get any better than that?

Don’t delay! Hit reply to this email with your top three dates for your next wine sampling with Wines for Humanity!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warm regards,

(Wine Advisor Name)

PS If hosting a wine sampling isn’t something you can commit to doing right now, you can also reorder your favorite wines directly through me. Just let me know what you’d like, and we’ll go from there! Or refer a friend to Wines for Humanity! Remember, friends don’t let friends drink bad wines! J

PPS Don’t forget to ask me about our AMAZING booking specials for kicking off the New Year! We are throwing in a little something special as a thank you for hosting a sampling in the New Year, and trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

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