Short Copy Letter: Restaurant Promotion

Dear Friend,

You simply must join me for pasta night this Tuesday at 7pm at Cicciones Italian Restaurant! I know exactly how much you appreciate authentic food and a welcoming home-style atmosphere! This place makes you feel like you are sitting in a cozy café right in the countryside of Italy overlooking the vast vineyards.

Nunzio is the owner and chef of this quaint little Italian restaurant right here in Lewisville! Not only is he entertaining, but his staff treat you like you are a celebrity with their incredible service. Your drink glass is never empty, and the fresh bread absolutely melts in your mouth! The wine selection is out of this world, with anything from light, fruity moscatos to big, bold Chiantis and everything in between!  And the food?? Don’t get me started! There is nothing better than scratch-made pasta with sauces created with fresh ingredients right from Nunzio’s own garden! This is Italian food at its greatest!

Reviews are great on this restaurant too! According to, 94% of people give this restaurant a “Yum!” rating with 4.5 out of 5 stars! Cicciones even has a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor which is given to businesses who consistently receive great reviews from travelers!

The Italian tile floor and comfortable chairs and tables with just the right ambient lighting and music is just the topping on the cake!

And speaking of dessert! BEST TIRAMASU IN THE WORLD!!! I know this is your favorite dessert, and I cannot wait to treat you to a scratch-made dish of Puttanesca with some Tiramasu for dessert!

I will see you Tuesday at 7pm at Cicciones Italian Restaurant! You won’t regret this dinner decision! Not only will you have a fabulous dinner Tuesday evening, but you will also leave with a nice helping for lunch on Wednesday!

Warmest regards,

(insert name)

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